Laveer Capital Management, LLC

An alternative for a world uniform in thought

Investment focused in three core strategies of Growth Capital, Trading and Marketplace Lending.

  • Growth Capital seeks investment in young companies at the early part of their growth curve.
  • Trading uses a combination of short-term probability weighted opportunities and longer term trend capture in commodity, currency, equity, volatility and interest rates.
  • Marketplace Lending uses recent fundamental and technology changes to syndicate lending from multiple origination partners in real estate, consumer, and small business.

Bio & Partnerships

An Open Letter:

I am Dudley K. Beyler, Founder of Laveer Capital Management, LLC (LCM). Laveer is the result of many opportunistic investments across multiple cycles. Laveer is built on the identification of early stage investment ideas and out of favor strategies. As a general investment principal, I do not participate in markets with large concentrations of investors. By the time the majority has it figured out, the best, and less risky, returns have likely been captured. Does this sound a bit too cliché? Take 10 minutes to read my original content and I think you will find my thoughts are different than what you hear on mainstream media or from the mutual fund manager disguised as a hedge fund manager because of better fee structure.

Investments have ranged from commodities and currency trading, growth capital placement in early stage companies, consumer, business and real estate debt financing and commercial and residential real estate. I am always seeking potential investment ideas and partnerships.

I have a few questions for you:

  • Interested in becoming a lending partner? I frequently have opportunities to invest in secured and unsecured debt. I am open to private or institutional.
  • Interested in investing in early stage growth capital? I have opportunities to finance businesses where I often look to diversify my risk by co-investing with partners. Depending on the opportunity, deal structure ranges from equity, convertible debt, bridge financing, venture debt and revenue notes.
  • Access to deal flow? As an active investor, I am constantly looking at new opportunities.

If one of these three fit, then I am excited to learn more about how we can work together. Please submit your name and email.

Thank you,
Dudley K Beyler


Laveer offers advisory services to growth stage companies. We accelerate business growth by connecting entrepreneurs with resources like funding, strategic partnerships, mentorship and third party vendors.

Helping to share your story is critical, but structuring your story in an investor friendly method is of greatest importance. As entrepreneurs and investors with broad deal exposure, we have a unique understanding of the needs, metrics, questions you will need to answer, pain points and aspirations.

It is important to note, not all companies are fit for the monolithic financing option espoused by venture capitalists and angel investors. As we come to understand the business, we provide guidance on what alternatives exist.

Engagement is conditional on trust in the management team and belief in the product or service.


“As an entrepreneur, the ultimate capital partner from a personal perspective is finding an individual who approaches the venture with empathy and resilient enthusiasm for the company’s mission and inherent hurdles that must be overcome to accomplish it. There is no doubt that we have found that with Dudley Beyler. Dudley has been in the Packback team’s corner since day 1 of our established relationship. Dudley has helped us with valuable introductions, sound advice as we explore new ideas, and most importantly his continued personal support throughout the marathon of new challenges that is entrepreneurship.”

– Mike Shannon, Co-founder Packback

Dudley provides entrepreneurs a valuable combination of capital and mentoring. He’s always connecting people and looking for business development opportunities for his portfolio companies.

– Chris Randle, C2 Capital Management

Dudley’s insight and involvement in our early stage FinTech startup has been invaluable. His breadth of knowledge in the financial ecosystem and data driven approach combined with his guidance in structuring partnerships and raising capital has markedly accelerated our growth curve. Additionally, his perpetual interest and ability to connect us with “A-player” contacts has knocked down walls in days that would have taken us months or years to achieve.

– Greg McKibben, Founder/CEO MKT Lender

Laveer has been a remarkably responsive and creative capital partner. Dudley blends great macro-economic vision with detailed and meticulous analysis. A key differentiator — and one of the primary reasons we’ve worked with Laveer on multiple deals – is that the Laveer team has been willing to tailor their capital solutions to our unique needs. Instead of leading with a product offering, Laveer starts with our specific business requirements and constraints, and then structures their solutions accordingly. Though the approach is totally bespoke, Dudley and his team always operate on a very commercial and responsive timeline

– Nathan Popkins, Founder Cumlus Funding

As one of our earliest investors, Dudley is continuously thinking of ways to help us advance the business through creative growth and fundraising strategies. Dudley’s always taken a candid and helpful approach as we’ve navigated the minefields of startup life. Over time he’s continued to be a valued resource and a thoughtful investor who consistently goes out of his way to lend a hand when needed.

– Dan Parsons Co-Founder DRYV

As an active member of the Chicago Trading and FinTech communities, Dudley Beyler has the ability to contribute his strong business acumen, deep industry knowledge, and vast network. We have been pleased to work with Dudley and Laveer Capital Management, and appreciate his collaborative business approach and willingness to share his insights. Along with many amazing advances shaped by innovation and disruption, Dudley shares our belief that relationships are at the core of any successful venture ecosystem.

– Michael Busch, President Burling Bank

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